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International Women’s Day – Scarlett Mummery

Every year on the 8th of March, people all over the world celebrate the progress and achievements made by women. This year, Precise Consultants interviewed 7 women from the Oil and Energy industry who are all at different points in their careers. Although it is commonly perceived as male dominated industry, many women have accomplished rewarding careers in Oil and Energy.

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Precise would like to introduce you to a woman who is not afraid to adventure out and get her hands dirty.
Meet Scarlett Mummery, a 23-year old Geotechnical Engineer and founder of the ‘’Offshore Blondie’’ blog.





How the industry shaped her
I started working offshore fresh out of university a month after my 21st birthday. My whole world changed so dramatically and I most definitely have also. I feel like I have done some serious growing up since starting my career, the demographic offshore is generally between 35-50+ years of age so I am still the baby of the crew. The travelling involved with a career offshore has definitely changed my perspective and outlook on the world, I genuinely didn’t realise just how diverse and how beautiful it really is. I have worked with guys from a range of background, cultures and religions and this has taught me so much. Being the only female generally on board has allowed my confidence in my ability and knowledge to grow.

Her favourite experiences

I have had so many great offshore experiences but one that really does stand out for me has to be during a swing in Norway, 2013. I was standing on the Helipad at 3am in the freezing cold watching the magical Northern Lights dance above me. It was a very surreal moment the Northern Star was shining bright and the aurora was the brightest shade of green I have ever seen, it was unbelievable. I have made some of the greatest memories of my life offshore that I now have forever. My proudest moment has to be standing on stage as the Guest of Honour at the Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference 2015 in Amsterdam. This was an incredible experience and it was great to be acknowledged for my career and my blog ‘The Offshore Blondie’. I am very passionate about my blog and the fact that it is reaching people and being recognised at an industry standard is unbelievable. The blog is just over 1 years old now and it is continuing to grow.  I am proud of my career offshore and I am proud to be a female working in such a male dominant industry.

Her advice

I don’t believe it makes any difference in terms of gender to succeed within the offshore industry. If you are a hard working individual that is passionate and dedicated then success is inevitable. Working offshore is a lifestyle with sacrifices so you have to be prepared for that. Also, a sense of humour is an essential tool, without that you won’t last long.  The offshore industry is not for everyone but I would recommend that anyone gives it a try. Like I mentioned earlier the demographic offshore is generally 35-50+ years of age so that is a sign in itself that individuals plan and do stay within the industry for the vast majority of their working careers. Like any role within any industry work as hard as you can to the best of your ability.

Her aspirations

I am hard working and very career focused. I have a 5 year plan which I think is a very healthy and positive tool to have. My main goal is to become an offshore project manager / party chief as I think my personality especially is suited for this type of role. I am a true believer in positive energy, what you put out you get back, and like my Grandfather used to say to me ‘Work or Want’. I am going to continue working hard not only offshore but onshore in terms of the blog. I have visions and aims for the blog and my career and I see a great adventure filled future ahead for both.