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Introducing Precise Consultants

Precise Consultants was created in 2013. Here co-founders, firstly Peter Thompson and then Adam Sumner, give some background on themselves, and why the company came about.

CV not to hand? No problem, send us an email or give our hydrographic expert Peter Thompson a call on +44 (0) 203 325 0630.
interview with Peter and Adam“I spent almost a decade in the hydrographic industry, mainly as a freelancer. I started off as a junior surveyor working my way up to Party Chief and into Project Management positions in various sectors of the industry. I found the offshore construction side of the industry the most challenging and loved the intensity of metrology operations. You certainly feel like you are earning your day rate when those projects bear fruit.”

“As my career progressed and I moved around the world on different projects, I felt that a change was needed in how hydrographic professionals go about getting that next project. Speaking to colleagues, and having been on the ‘other side’ myself, I sensed the market needed a new approach to freshen things up. It felt like existing agencies were completing a financial transaction rather than trying to help me achieve my career goals, with little consideration given to whether or not I was a good fit for the client. There was definitely a service gap waiting to be filled, so that’s how Precise Consultants came into being.”

“We focus on building trust and understanding with our freelancers and clients alike: open dialogue and interaction are key. Freelancers enjoy the freedom and opportunity to move around but they also need to be valued, and not just as a headcount number for the next project they take on. Because of our in-house experience we are able to empathise with what a hydrographic freelancer needs as they contemplate moving to a new project. We work hard to build contracts that not only meet the career aspirations of our freelancers and satisfy client requirements, but that cater for the right work / life balance for that person. Our approach will always put people first.”

Peter created Precise with Adam Sumner, a financial analyst with experience in building start-ups: “I immediately recognised the potential the project held, and really admired the openness of the ethos behind it. Partnering with Peter to set up Precise allows us to marry his industry knowledge with my financial expertise, which has give us a really solid foundation.”

“I focus on ensuring the company continues to grow, whilst remaining faithful to our core principles. I also work on payroll and taxation advice, insurance cover and travel issues on both the freelancer and client-side so that our business processes run smoothly.”

“Precise Consultants has moved forward tremendously in a short time, surpassing goals in this first year that we had envisaged it would take two years to attain. There has been strong buy-in to Peter’s philosophy of greater transparency and open communication, and we’re building great relationships as we move along. We count industry leaders such as Deep Ocean and N –Sea amongst our roster, and look forward to getting more talented freelancers on our books, as well as expanding our client list to reach further throughout the hydrographic world.”

For more information, please email or call us on +44 (0)2034 795 930.