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Marine & Survey Teams Working Together

The 4th and final illustration in our Working Together series highlights the relationship between the marine and survey teams. Proud of their ship and at one with the sea, the marine crew operate and maintain the vessel’s chief functions, which allow the other teams to securely go about their jobs. This illustration visualises some of the many tasks the marine crew undertake when working together with the survey teams.

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Marine & Survey Teams Working Together

At Precise we believe in community so please share with your colleagues and comment below, we would love to know what you think about life offshore. Whether it’s to show your friends and family who still don’t understand what you do, or print off and hang on your wall, the Working Together series is a great example of how surveyors play a vital role in the success of the offshore industry.

If you would like a printed version please contact us or alternatively upload your CV, as all hydrographic surveyors represented by Precise can receive a printed version of each illustration.

This is the final illustration in the series so we’d like to say a big thank you to all of the individuals who provided us with such valuable insights about life offshore. Credit goes to James Wilson, Kevin Phillips and Mike Sheppard for their unrivalled knowledge and ability to succinctly communicate exactly how complex their respective jobs are. We have loved creating this series of illustrations and have learnt a huge amount more about life offshore.

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