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Meet Account Manager Francesca Turner

We are publishing a couple of interviews with the team over the next few weeks. You may have never spoken to us (you may not ever want to!) but thought we would give an insight into those manning the desks at Precise Consultants.

CV not to hand? No problem, send us an email or give our hydrographic expert Peter Thompson a call on +44 (0) 203 325 0630.

When you were five, did you think you’d be running your own company? If not – what did you think you’d be doing?

I don’t think I knew what recruitment was or oil and gas for that matter. I always thought I’d be very straight laced as my dad had that planned out for me. A lawyer or teacher. Some valuable asset to society.

I was a teacher for a bit but I hated it. I taught languages to secondary pupils. It wasn’t the kids who put me off – it was being expected to do so much with such little resource. I was doing it until the week before I joined Precise Consultants actually!

Were you destined for success when you were in school/university?

I was blessed with good genes – my dad is very academic and my mum has got all the smarts and common sense. I really enjoyed school and found it very easy. It was university which I found a big shock.

What challenge defines you?

University was quite challenging. I did a lot of moving around, making big decisions and having to develop new relationships in strange places. For my first year I went to London which felt very far away but I didn’t enjoy it and decided to transfer to Manchester. It was quite daunting being able to make that decision, realising it wasn’t because I was a failure but that it was the right one for me at that time. That gave me the confidence to get up and go – if something isn’t right I change it. I went to Spain for a year of my studies, I was completely on my own and it was probably the best year of my life. I thought I could speak Spanish before I went. Got there and realised I couldn’t at all. I didn’t understand a word for two weeks as I acclimatised to the very strong local accent. I’ve since explained it to people as being akin to an alien from Mars landing in Liverpool. People in other parts of Spain would joke this village butchered the language. Now I’m completely fluent but when I got back I had this bizarre accent – my tutor said I sounded like an 80 year old from a hill village. But luckily when I moved to school in Woolwich I was with lots of Spanish colleagues from places with beautiful accents– now people say I sound like I’m from Madrid!

Who has inspired or supported you in your past?

Probably my mum – she had a difficult childhood and dropped out of school when she was 15. When she was 27 she decided to go back to education and she went into night school and did her GSCEs and A-levels while doing two full time waitressing jobs. Around then she had me and my sister. She got herself through school and into university and eventually became a probation officer. I don’t know how she did it. My sister and I were toddlers yet she managed to hold down two jobs and studying.

I love to hear stories from that time. She told us the other day that when she was writing her thesis, something happened and she lost it all! She had just one night to rewrite 6000 words. She managed to do it and got a 2:1.

What brought you to Precise Consultants?

I remembered from a previous job how fun and buzzy the environment was in recruitment and I wanted to replicate it – but not in the same way. The old place I’d worked at was ruthless – whereas, at Precise, our Director Pete, comes from a freelance Surveyor background so our whole ethos comes from a position of empathy and understanding of the needs of our freelancers. Obviously, making a profit is always key in business but what I like about Precise is Pete’s philosophy of ‘‘if you look after the freelancers then the business will look after itself’’.

I’d been in a difficult environment in the school and wanted somewhere where I would be supported and valued. I approached this job search in a peculiar way I suppose. I wanted to find the right team and the right people, because I knew if I got the right environment I’d be happy doing anything. I’m so glad I did – this is a fantastic company.

What excites you about the industry’s future?        

I’ve come into what feels like a buzzing office and I’m told we’re still in a crisis and so much more is going to happen. But I am thinking: “Well, if this is the trough, I can’t imagine where the peak will be” and that’s exciting.

Name your top 3 things about PC.

  • Love no-one is safe from a joke – everyone is a target.
  • If I get in early, I can take more time at lunch for the gym
  • Everyone is really looked after.


What would your colleagues say are your best and most annoying habits?

Annoying – Probably that I ask too many questions. I am very pedantic, but I want to get it right.

Best – I think I bring quite a happy and bubbly face to work. Even if I’m not in the best mood, I can turn it around and be quite smiley and chirpy. Saying that, it might also be an annoying habit!