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Meet Financial Controller Sami Fehmi

We are publishing a couple of interviews with the team over the next few weeks. You may have never spoken to us (you may not ever want to!) but thought we would give an insight into those manning the desks at Precise Consultants.

CV not to hand? No problem, send us an email or give our hydrographic expert Peter Thompson a call on +44 (0) 203 325 0630.

When you were five, what did you want to be – is it what you’re currently doing?

I don’t think I wanted to be an accountant – probably a footballer or tennis player. I’d probably think what I’m doing now is quite boring!


Who has inspired or supported you in your past?

Adam and Pete – why not? They’re cool people. They instilled a lot of belief in me. I had just started an accountancy business with my friend when Adam asked me to come in for an interview. I started doing a few days with them and it just built up. I left the other business and focused on Precise Consultants. They have a funny way of giving you confidence. They give you a lot of freedom and creative licence to develop your own process so you feel like it’s your company too which is a motivator. That was important for me – I didn’t want to fit in, or be a cog. It can be really hard to manage people and allow them to feel free but they have always shown confidence in me, which makes me work harder.


Do you feel regret about giving up your own company?

Not really. We focused on small creative businesses – but it’s hard to make money! I’m not money orientated but it’s hard to develop the business if you haven’t got much coming in. But I also like working within a bigger organisation and not being solitary all the time.


What excites you about the industry’s future?

It’s hard to know what’s going to happen in the market and that’s exciting –the future is hard to predict. We’re not tied to oil and gas, so we do a lot of work in the renewable sector. This is a very interesting area which is constantly innovating. This is also a young and dynamic company, and I really enjoy that.


Name your top 3 things about PC.

  • The team – all the people are really friendly and fun
  • We’re surrounded by nice eateries.
  • Being in a progressive company headed by two people who give you a lot of belief


What would your colleagues say are your best and most annoying habits?

Best: Probably the fact I pay them on time.

Worst: I hate to lose – I can get pretty feisty when we’re out playing pool!