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Meet our Senior Marine Consultant: Kwabena Asibey

We are publishing a couple of interviews with the team over the next few weeks. You may have never spoken to us (you may not ever want to!) but thought we would give an insight into those manning the desks at Precise Consultants.

CV not to hand? No problem, send us an email or give our hydrographic expert Peter Thompson a call on +44 (0) 203 325 0630.

When you were five, what did you want to be? What do you think your 5-year-old self would think of you now?

As a kid, I just wanted to be like my dad. He’s a businessman and I wanted to do what he did – I didn’t have a particular business in mind. I like to think I’m doing it with Precise – building a cold desk in Marine and developing clients: it’s somewhat entrepreneurial. I think my five year old would be pretty happy with me now.

Were you destined for success when you were in school/university?

I have always been a really hard worker. I remember in college guys thought I’d be working in the City. I actually did – when I was 16. I interned as trainee tax advisor with PWC and was the only guy they held onto after the programme ended. It was intense – a 40 hour week. I remember I thought I was a millionaire though – the pay was £6/hr! I left because, really, being a tax advisor is pretty boring. (Sorry Adam..) but I’m still connected to the team there, which is a wonderful thing.

What challenge defines you?

One of the defining ones was having a child at 20 while I was still at uni. My son wasn’t planned but he gave my life a sense of purpose that I’d never had before. Suddenly I was having to finish my degree and make a living but being able to give my son the best life was an incredible motivator. There was no way I was going to mess this up! That was a defining moment. He’s eight now and we have a wonderful relationship.

Who has inspired or supported you in your past?

My dad. I was inspired from a young age because of the way he lived and how he looked after his family. He came out of school at a young age because his dad died, but started his own company. He gave us a great life in Ghana, I remember my childhood fondly. It’s been an interesting journey over the years and we’re all now living in the UK. But he is still very connected with Ghana, and so am I through the work I do at Precise which I value a lot.

What brought you to Precise Consultants?

It was Pete and Adam. I had been in recruitment for three years, and was so disillusioned by it all. People make promises but don’t deliver and clients get let down all the time. But Pete and Adam were different. I felt these guys were genuine, and I found I wanted them to succeed as much as myself. Joining was the best decision I’ve made – that’s why I’m still here!

What excites you about the industry’s future?

I remember what the industry was like before the slump – and though I don’t know if we’ll ever see $100 pb anymore, I am excited to see how things start to work once it does pick up again. There’s still production but I really hope we’ll see more exploration.

Precise has positioned itself very well in the industry and people know it stands for something different from the other agencies. That’s going to do us well in the future and that’s exciting.

Name your top 3 things about PC.

Culture, and the work/life balance.

It’s an open and honest environment.

The vision it has and what it stands for. It’s unique – there’s nothing like us on the market.

What would your colleagues say are your best and most annoying habits?

Best – I don’t annoy people, I don’t say too much!

Worst: I drop my desk phone. A lot. Especially in the morning. I hear it’s really annoying. I’m working on it…