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Meet Survey & Inspection Operations Manager Tom O’Neill

We are publishing a couple of interviews with the team over the next few weeks. You may have never spoken to us (you may not ever want to!) but thought we would give an insight into those manning the desks at Precise Consultants.

CV not to hand? No problem, send us an email or give our hydrographic expert Peter Thompson a call on +44 (0) 203 325 0630.

When you were five, what did you want to be – is it what you’re currently doing?

Definitely not! I wanted to be a builder. My grandad was a master builder – he can do absolutely anything. He could build a house from scratch. He used to take me on jobs with him and used to do lots of DIY, it was really cool growing up with him. My 5 year old self would probably think: ‘What the hell am I doing?!”


Who has inspired or supported you in your past?

My best friend. We’ve known each other for 12 years and he’s very clever and very driven. He’s a successful barrister, and challenges me but I challenge him too. We bounce off each other well.


What brought you to Precise Consultants?

I was looking for a job. I’ve always been in oil and energy recruitment but I was getting sick of it. I was getting fed up with losing deals in a saturated market and not achieving as much as I’d like to.

But it’s been different at Precise Consultants. We’re good at what we do and our competition is struggling to keep up with us now. It’s said that if you can survive a recession you’re probably going to be ok. We didn’t survive – we flourished.


What excites you about the industry’s future?

I wouldn’t say I’m excited by what’s happening with oil and gas but it’s certainly a challenge. The shale drillers keep hammering price down and though there have always been periods in history when demand is low but supply is high but this is a whole new phase.  The really exciting stuff is the development of clean renewable technologies – the likes of Tesla and other companies. This age of energy is only beginning really when you think about how long we’ve been doing O&G for. If you look at Saudi Arabia, they’re trying to divert away from fossil fuels. That’s something you wouldn’t have seen ten years ago.


Name your top things about PC.

  • Everyone is cool
  • The way Pete and Adam have made the company. It’s their brainchild and true to the positive and motivating values that have underpinned the company – to care about the sector, to provide a professional service and be the better example of the sector.


What would your colleagues say are your best and most annoying habits?

Worst: So many, you should probably ask them.

Best: I always provide guidance with difficult problems.